With VCD 9.0 PostgreSQL 9.5 support was introduced.

This article describes how you do a migration of your test VCD from an external MSSQL to a „internal“ postgres DB installed on a single cell VCD.

(for  production environment please refer to VMware and use SSL encryption for the DB access and put the new DB on an external host. Also consider building a postgres HA solution for your production environment).

  1. Install PostgreSQL to your Centos or Redhat single Cell installation

you may have to add EPEL first. (yum install epel-release)

2. Configure Postgres Security and Access

3. Enable and Start Service

4. Set Password for postgres User


5. Create VCD DB


6. Shutdown Cell and Migrate


The Log should state something like:


Some hints:

In the official documentation the switch „-dbtype postgres“ for reconfigure database was not listet. Also the documentation says use „cell-management-tool reconfigure-database“ without any parameters – which did not work for me at all. Though the wizard said success, but the responses.properties still showed the wrong MSSQL DB.

If you want to stick to MSSQL you may install a free linux based MSSQL on you cell instead of a postgres. Sebastian wrote a nice blog about the installation.


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