vCloud Director Postgres migrate from MSSQL to POSTGRESQL (test&dev only!) standard

With VCD 9.0 PostgreSQL 9.5 support was introduced. This article describes how you do a migration of your test VCD from an external MSSQL to a „internal“ postgres DB installed on a single cell VCD. (for  production environment please refer to VMware and use SSL encryption for the DB access and put the new DB on an external host. Also consider building a postgres HA solution for your production environment). Install PostgreSQL to your Centos or Redhat single Cell installation you may have to add EPEL first. (yum install epel-release) yum install yum install postgresql95-server postgresql95-contrib /usr/pgsql-9.5/bin/postgresql95-setup initdb 2. Configure Postgres Security and Access vi /var/lib/pgsql/9.5/data/pg_hba.conf # Open for all and everyone host all all md5 host all ...

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Powercli missing functions CIUSER CIGROUP standard

Currently I am working on a project which requires to change a LDAP of a VMware vCloud Director from one AD Domain to another. During my research I found, that automation is required for the large setup of VCD. I looked at Powercli functions like GET-CISUER, REMOVE-CIUSER, NEW-CIUSER, GET-CIGROUP, REMOVE-CIGROUP, NEW-CIGROUP Link : I found get-ciuser as a standard cmdlet ( Official Powercli Reference ) and new-cisuer as blog post  The missing functions I wrote by myself and here they are:   Function New-CIUserLDAP { Param ( $Name, $Enabled, $Org, $Role ...

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Providing Service Access with Service Keys Using HAProxy standard

We all know and love service brokers, as they provide an easy way to connect applications to databases and message queues. While most of time this is fine, sometimes you need direct access to your service to debug your application or export data. Cloud Foundry wisely provides the concept of service keys that provide us credentials to our services. But often you find your service instances locked away in a private network, to preserve public IP-Addresses or for security reasons. Now you can not connect to the service instance directly and start to ssh into Cloud Foundry container or come up with other manual solutions which might break the next time the security policies get updated. We build a solution ...

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Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2017 – Basel – No swiss cheese included standard

Day one One year past by and it was already time for Cloud Foundry Summit Europe. From evoila we were happy to contribute to it yet another time. So a team of three of us headed on Tuesday morning at 05.45 from the region Rhein-Main towards Basel by car. After our little road trip we were the first attendees of this years summit. After a quick coffee and some waiting we headed to the hackathon. The hackathon This years summit was the first European summit with a hackathon and the second summit with one at all. So we were very excited about what was going to happen. The hackathons goal was to develop an extension to Cloud Foundry in at most one ...

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Cloud Computing as Key Driver for Business Growth – evoila Event is postponed! standard

New technologies are changing the way we live. Almost every company in the world faces the challenge of adjusting its portfolio to global competition. Many German companies have risen to a global leadership, but now they are facing the challenge of digital transformation in which they need to digitize the entirety of their processes and develop Smart Services and to better serve their customers. At this stage the IT department gets the focus as a key factor in the battle for competitive advantage. It is clear that every company has to deal with digitization and the paradigm shift in data center architecture, however, two questions remain: when and how? This cloud event gives the participants an overview of trending new ...

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Industrietag der FH-Bingen standard

Du möchtest eigentlich Karriere in einem Start-Up machen? Du schätzt die Vorzüge von dynamischen und innovativen Unternehmen? Das gibt es auch in Rheinhessen. Genauer gesagt in der Rheinlandpfälzischen Landeshauptstadt Mainz. Wir sehen uns zwar nicht als klassisches Start-Up sondern als hochprofessionelles, innovatives IT-Unternehmen. Jedoch sind wir davon überzeugt, dass sich  nur mit Passion, Spaß und Motivation hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielen lassen. Dabei spielen modernste Technologien und  Open Source eine wichtige Rolle. Nutze den Industrietag an der FH Bingen um mit uns ins Gespräch zu kommen. Der “20. Industrietag der FH-Bingen” ist eine Informationsmesse für Studenten der FH Bingen sowie anderer Hochschulen und Universitäten. Dabei werden Einblicke in Wirtschaft gewährt und es lassen sich hervorragend Kontakte zu Unternehmen knüpfen um die eigene ...

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e:peoplehub, unsere Rekrutierungsplattform standard

Im Rahmen unserer Expansion starten wir das „e:peoplehub“, eine Rekrutierungsplattform für unsere erweiterte Belegschaft, oder „Extended Workforce“. Freiberufliche Mitarbeiter und Kandidaten mit Wunsch einer Festanstellung, mit Erfahrungen in den Bereichen Cloud, Big Data und Internet der Dinge, sind herzlich eingeladen sich kostenlos zu registrieren und Teil unseres Teams zu werden. Sind Euch die Begriffe Cloud Foundry, DevOps, OpenStack nicht fremd, dann freuen wir uns Euch bald in unserem Team begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir verbinden Top Talente mit aktuellen und zukünftigen Projekten bei evoila. Unser Ziel für 2016 ist es, eine Plattform zu schaffen, die dabei unterstützt offene Rollen bei evoila zu besetzten, den Mitgliedern den Zugang zum evoila Netzwerk zu eröffnen, und Eure weitere Karriereentwicklung zu unterstützen. Wir wollen nicht ...

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e:peoplehub, our extended workforce program standard

Due to our expansion we are launching „e:peoplehub“, our extended workforce program. Freelancers and candidates from all over the world with experience in Cloud Technologies, Big Data and Internet of Things, and passion for bleeding edge technologies like Cloud Foundry, DevOps, etc., are invited to register for free and join our team. We look forward to welcoming you to our team. We connect top talents with existing and upcoming opportunities at evoila. Our goal for 2016 is to establish a platform where you can learn about open roles with evoila, network with evoila teams, and get career support. We don´t want to just hire people for a project. We want you to become a team member who is considered for ...

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Consul + Nginx: A Complete Installation Guide standard

Only this week, I joined a migration project of an application from a „legacy“ infrastructure into the corporate OpenStack cloud environment. It seems to be a pattern that customers try to integrate things they always wanted to do but never found the time for it into such projects. Kind of understandable though as in day to day business you never get a chance to rip everything apart and redo it 😉 So, the idea was born to integrate HashiCorp’s Consul ( into the new environment relieving the good old bind from its duties and make use of Consul’s DNS capabilities instead. As the customer’s application makes excessive use of DNS SRV records, it was important so find out how the ...

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