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New technologies are changing the way we live. Almost every company in the world faces the challenge of adjusting its portfolio to global competition. Many German companies have risen to a global leadership, but now they are facing the challenge of digital transformation in which they need to digitize the entirety of their processes and develop Smart Services and to better serve their customers. At this stage the IT department gets the focus as a key factor in the battle for competitive advantage.

It is clear that every company has to deal with digitization and the paradigm shift in data center architecture, however, two questions remain: when and how?

This cloud event gives the participants an overview of trending new technologies and provides background, examples and suggestions for implementation based on an interesting range of topics related to opens source and DevOps. It helps to understand the new standards in Cloud and to raise the automation of IT to a new level.

Please fill out the form @ our Event Page if you want to join us as soon as we set a new date.

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