Hybrid Cloud

If you are looking for a cloud platform that offers choice and flexibility with consistent service throughout your environment, a hybrid cloud solution is the ideal choice. The evoila team is the expert in customizing and deploying this type of specific environments.

With our experience in the different clouds, from private to public, and the different vendors in these areas, we can find the best solution for your needs. We are here independent of individual manufacturers. Your requirements are in focus. 

Connect your cloud – get hybrid

VMware on AWS 

A simple connection between public and private cloud based on the VMware vSphere platform. Maintain existing workflows while taking advantage of the AWS ecosystem. 

AWS Outpost 

Bring the power of specialized AWS hardware to your data center. Take advantage of the potential of Amazon Web Services in your premises and benefit from the physical proximity. 

Azure Stack 

With Azure Stack, Microsoft provides customers with local hardware for their own data center. This can be easily integrated into the Azure Cloud solution to create a hybrid landscape. Build your hybrid solution together with us.


Simply expand your HyperV environment into the cloud and connect your local solution with the diversity of the Microsoft public cloud – Azure. The path to the future of your infrastructure! 

Expect from us:

The complexity of the interaction of different solutions and orchestrating this is one of the challenges for the current IT world. We have taken on this complex task and will help you to master it.