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Our team for your success.

For us, it is above all the developments of each individual employee that make evoila such an advanced company. In doing so, we rely on respectful, appreciative dealings and a performance-oriented and friendly working atmosphere.

Johannes Hiemer

M. Sc. business informatics
While still at school and studying, Johannes Hiemer worked in his father’s company in various areas of IT for large corporations. After successfully completing his M.Sc. in Business Informatics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, he founded evoila GmbH in 2012, which today has around 85 employees at 2 locations and is a respected consulting company in the field of cloud computing. He provided the basis for the ideas behind Meshcloud with his master thesis: “A Cloud Computing Broker Model for IaaS”, which was subsequently published and presented at the ECIS conference in Tel Aviv in 2014. In addition to his work as Managing Director of evoila GmbH, Johannes Hiemer is also a lecturer at the TH Bingen in the area of “Enterprise Development”.

Carsten Landeck
Carsten Landeck was born 1969 in Wiesbaden and, like many computer scientists at this age, started with a C64 and Apple II. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden with a degree in computer science, he worked as an IT consultant in various large companies and got to know their diverse IT challenges. As an expert in automation in the data centre, Carsten had already started as a pioneer in virtualisation.

As “Lead System Engineer”, Carsten worked for 5 years for the virtualization manufacturer VMware in Pre-Sales and Consulting. As a trusted advisor in many large German companies he is known for his powerpoint-free lectures.

Carsten is a founding member of evoila GmbH and, as a member of the Executive Board, heads the human resources department. He helps customers to find their way into the cloud and to operate it.

Michael Stickler
During his studies in the USA Michael Stickler came into contact with the medium of computers in the early 80s. Back in Germany he quickly realized that you can earn good money by programming your own games and publishing them in computer magazines. “Something with computers “was henceforth the answer to the question of his career aspiration. After graduating from high school, he studied general computer science and obtained certification from Microsoft and VMware. In order to understand the non-technical IT world, he completed trainings as ITIL V2 Service Manager and ITIL V3 Expert.

Michael Stickler has been working as an external consultant in the areas of client, server, cloud and IT processes since 1998. The field of activity gradually shifted from operating to design/architecture. In 2009 he became a founding member of evoila GmbH. At the moment he is in charge of our customers in the field of automation and develops solutions for the recurring manual activities of machines.

Christian Müller
As one of the first employees of evoila, Christian joined evoila as an “Automation Engineer” after studying computer science at TU Darmstadt. In various customer projects he was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of cloud infrastructure and its automation. Here he succeeded again and again to gain deep insights into different technologies. Starting out and still with a strong focus on VMware’s portfolio, he was able to learn how to handle different virtualisation and automation technologies. Inspired by the possibilities and the quest for the best possible user experience, he constantly pushes automation topics forward. This also includes the development of some smaller applications. Today, Christian is taking on more and more planning and organisational tasks based on his experience, in order to support the management of evoila at all times and to advance evoila and the team behind it. However, the closeness and closeness to the underlying technology always remains the core of his work.
Isabella Arndt
After her career start in an advertising agency in Mainz, the communications scientist has been involved with topics from the fields of pharmaceuticals and technology from the very beginning. After many years of experience as a PR consultant at a renowned PR agency in Wiesbaden for technology companies, Isabella Arndt has been working for evoila since 2017. In addition to her interest in technology, culture and art play an important role in her professional life. Exactly these supposed opposites bring their portfolio to the point:
“Paths are made by walking.” She is responsible for internal and external communications, marketing and event management.

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