Automation – Infrastructure as Code 

The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach allows you to programmatically manage and configure infrastructure, such as virtual machines or physical hardware. Our team defines and controls the configuration of your servers from one location. We coordinate, configure and build your software and hardware.   

Through IaC we help you to manage your infrastructures more efficiently and automatically:  
  • Reduce errors due to the elimination of manual updates 
  • Infrastructure becomes: consistent, testable, maintainable, reusable and extensible 
  • Automatic documentation through code versioning

Standardize operations, reduce errors and iterate faster!”

VMware vRealize 

As a self-service portal, VMware vRealize Automation offers users a wide variety of VMs, containers or entire application stacks. IaC is used for this purpose and thus brings all the advantages of this technology with it. 


This tool describes how the system and its components behave in relation to each other instead of managing systems independently. 


Allows you to create execution plans that represent what will happen when the code is executed. It uses its own domain-specific Hashicorp Configuration Language, which is JSON-compatible. 

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