Automation – Pipelines

What do pipelines achieve in terms of automation? 

IT processes have never been as networked as they are today. In automation, this means that a wide variety of systems are addressed during automated processes. Pipelines are ideal for coordinating different processes, whether sequential or parallel. They are designed for this task and make it easier to maintain an accurate overview of complex overall structures. 

Security: eliminate expensive and error-prone manual tasks through the pipeline. 

Flexibility: new team members can start faster and become more productive because they don’t have to learn complex development and testing environments. 

Transparency: Teams can identify any code that is not ready for production and reject the code with an early comment. 

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Use cases – for which situation is this concrete solution suitable? 

Parallel processes: Complex processes often consist of many individual steps, each with different runtimes. The sum of this time span is sometimes very high. Parallelization can speed up the processes, whereby special attention must, of course, be paid to the dependencies between the individual steps. A pipeline can provide a clear solution and react as desired in the event of difficulties. 

Decoupling: As a central control unit, the pipeline runs decoupled from the other systems. This enables it to control and monitor them independently of each other. 

Conformity: The handling of a process through a pipeline ensures that it has passed every planned step of the pipeline. There is therefore no doubt that something has not been done, as the pipeline documents and logs the exact process. 

Together with you, we develop the automation of your infrastructure to suit your requirements. We can rely on many years of experience and work out the different strategies for your needs.