Our workflow management allows you to develop simple or sophisticated automated workflow systems that can virtually handle any IT business process. We help your IT administrators to easily add new workflows and integrate them into existing systems in order to deliver and consume information on demand. 

  • We determine the workflows that you and your team need. 
  • We realize the automatic construction of the infrastructure including the integration of your existing infrastructure. 
  • We support you in creating the appropriate workflows to make your IT more efficient. 
  • We enable automatic communication with surrounding systems. 
  • We make your IT processes fit for the future. 

“Platforms are the future environment to run applications stacks – across any Cloud”

VMware Orchestrator 

The automation center of VMware. With our expertise we reach your goals! 


With the automation used by Ansible we build your environment according to your ideas.

Use Cases – for which situations is this concrete solution suitable? 

  • Automation  
    actions are now performed in workflows by an appropriate workflow engine. These can be controlled manually or fully automatically. Through the consistent use of workflows, even complex processes can be automated with simple workflows. 
  • Reusability 
    Workflows should be designed and implemented according to a generic approach. If these principles are implemented, workflows, with their dynamic inputs and outputs, represent units that can be easily reused. When optimizing centrally managed business processes, all processes that use this process are optimized simultaneously. Thus you can win several times during the optimization of individual steps. 
  • Tried and tested 
    If existing workflows are reused, the previously developed processes are automatically tested. This approach increases safety and efficiency. 

Together with you, we develop the automation of your infrastructure to suit your requirements. We can draw on many years of experience and work out the different strategies for your needs.