Cloud Native – Container and Platforms

As one of the leading providers in the container sector, evoila offers the basis for agile application operation in your infrastructure for both Platform as a Service and Container as a Service. In combination with our DevOps Services, we offer an end-to-end solution for onboarding, deployment and operations. 

service broker reference 

In combination with our evoila Service Broker Framework and our Managed Data Services, we also offer companies the opportunity to offer their developers a unified service catalog independent of private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud clouds. 

We offer you a modular architecture and a flexible infrastructure that is scalable on demand and supports different environments. 

„Deploy faster and deliver better software – flexible, portable, scalable, economical“


A uniform platform for modern cloud ready applications and DevOps processes: 


Platform as a Service

Modern micro service architecture places high demands on communication. 
The evoila solution for cloud-native applications: 


Cross-platform activities

Our offering in the area of container services covers various areas. We work together with you to achieve this: 

  • tools 
  • lawsuits 
  • culture 
  • services 

and try to solve all aspects holistically. 


Plattform Operations und Support

In order to reflect the changes in processes at the technological level as well, we also provide support here in the areas of technologies and processes. 

Engineer Enablement

The last important part of an introduction of container technologies refers to the developers and the operating team. That’s why we support you here as well: 

  • architecture design 
  • agile delivery process 
  • Pair Knowledge Transfer 
  • DevOps/CICD