Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and VMware Tanzu Application Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings are becoming increasingly cumbersome. Due to the large number of applications to be mapped, more and more customers decide to build a platform. Building this platform faces customers with significant challenges. 

Benefit from the expertise of our engineers when implementing a container platform. 

evoila offers a perfect cross-section of all necessary technologies and interfaces through its various specialists in the fields of containers, DevOps, security and infrastructure. Don’t trust anyone. Trust our experts. We know what to do and what not to do with both the technology and the process side. 

Our know-how is market-leading and unique. The evoila Service Broker Framework and our Managed Data Services offer companies the opportunity to offer their developers a unified service catalog independent of private, public, hybrid or multi cloud. 


„Your key to the future –
Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and VMware Tanzu Application Services“

Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFCR) is originally called Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Launched as a project within VMware, Cloud Foundry is now a PaaS stack that allows applications to be deployed, scaled and managed in seconds in containers. This enables applications to interact quickly, consistently and reliably. The open source variant of Pivotal Application Services is the first multi-cloud platform as a service solution on the market. 


Open Source

The Open Source variant is very popular with developers and in development environments. Using Bosh, deployment is very easy and offers scalability in different directions. 

Active Community

Cloud Foundry is not only continuously and proactively developed by Pivotal, but also by other well-known industry leaders such as SAP, Microsoft and IBM. 

Stable Release Process

Due to the commitment of several different companies to the development of Cloud Foundry, the open source project cf-deployment provides users with a very stable release process.

VMware Tanzu Application Services

VMware Tanzu Application Service (originally Pivotal Cloud Foundry) is the commercial version of Cloud Foundry. 

TAS can generally be described as the first multi-cloud capable platform as a service (PaaS) solution on the market. Launched as a project within VMware, Cloud Foundry is now a PaaS stack that enables you to deploy, scale and manage applications in containers in seconds. 


NSX-T Integration

Network Micro Segmentation is one of the most important innovations in the network environment. Here PKS offers a native integration of NSX-T to connect physical networks, virtual machines and containers with each other through uniform networks and to provide maximum security. 

Windows Container Support

With the new Windows Container Support, PKS is the complete solution for your application, whether Java, PHP, Ruby or even NET. 

Multi-Cloud Readiness

Avoid a lock-in with one of the major cloud providers and operate your platform and containers even on-premise.
Through Bosh-based deployment, we can provide you with automated multi-cloud and even multisite deployments. 

Deployment Automatisierung

Benefit considerably from the existing pipelines and rollout, scaling and update mechanisms of evoila. 

Enterprise Absolute Support

With our Absolute Support Programme we offer you the appropriate enterprise level support.