Consulting – Cloud 

evoila as a company is Cloud native. We support you in planning and budgeting for the future, select technology solutions that correspond to your goals, and competently advise you on what’s new and how you can use it. For more than 5 years we are supporting our customers everyday in building suitable cloud solutions. Whether private, public, hybrid or multi – we show you the way to success!  

evoila – your partner for the cloud


A Cloud is the modern structure of a virtual infrastructure. We put our evoila expert teams at your disposal. Your virtual infrastructure as Private, Hybrid Cloud or Shared as Public Cloud – With you we will find the right architecture to achieve your goals. 

Private Cloud

The private cloud offers a separate infrastructure in your data center or in a co-location. Here you have everything in your own hands or hand this task over to us. 

Public Cloud

By using the public cloud, you share the infrastructure with other customers of the provider. We make sure that you remain safe and highly available. We are happy to support you. 

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid approach describes the use of the public cloud and private cloud in combination. The advantages of both variants are combined and play out their strengths as an overall structure. We would be happy to show you what the hybrid cloud can do! 

Multi Cloud

The Multi Cloud concept describes the use of different clouds. The different cloud offerings work together across manufacturers and brands and you can put together the best services according to your needs. We are happy to help you to master this complexity. 

The leading manufacturer of virtualization solutions and a strong partner of evoila. 

Powerful Open Source Solution 

Powerful Open Source Solution.

The Hyperscaler with high innovation and many services.

The Microsoft Cloud

We implement a cloud properly!

Maximum flexibility and security for your team. Access enterprise applications anywhere and independently and work at full capacity. 

Teamwork of the future!

We support you in virtualizing your work processes. From online meetings and video calls to real-time collaboration on documents and integrated file sharing. 


Reliability, scalability!

Our cloud gives you a highly resistant technology environment. Scale network resources as your business grows without constantly updating your network infrastructure.

Complete infrastructure design!

We adapt the infrastructure to your goals. We ensure that your entire system is consistent and your cloud applications work together smoothly. 


Optimized operational safety!

Maintain your productivity, even in difficult situations. 


Manufacturer independent

Our consulting does not only consider a manufacturer, but delivers the best solution on the market for the customer.