Multi Cloud

The interaction of different cloud environments is a complex challenge. Evaluate a heterogeneous architecture and take advantage of the various benefits of different cloud solutions. Our experts support you in your consideration, draw up a comprehensive plan with you, determine the expected costs and offer comprehensive support. 

Our task is to accelerate your digital transformation through a faster and more cost-effective transition and to support you with our knowledge. 

Combine the power – start a multi cloud strategy”

Amazon Web Services 

The AWS service landscape is very diverse. Make use of them and get to your destination faster! 


Take advantage of the Microsoft native cloud offers. Your services can be quickly connected to the Mircosoft Standard Portfolio. 

evoila Multi Cloud Consulting offers you: 

A multi-cloud environment requires strategic planning and orchestration of different cloud resources. With our evoila multi cloud services we offer you exactly what you need. A single solution is not enough for you? 

Then use several solutions and combine the possibilities! 


  • the individual and flexible choice of the cloud provider and cloud service best suited to the respective application or service. 
  • independence from individual cloud providers 
  • If the cost structures and performance of the providers change, you can react immediately with the evoila Multi Cloud. 
  • less risk regarding reliability and availability 
  • reduced IT costs through a strategic service mix of different providers 

Planning and Migration 

  • Analysis of the current infrastructure 

  • Tailor-made multi-cloud concept for the customer’s needs 

Flexible service and support 

  • Support in setting up cloud solutions 
  • Help with migration (Lift and Shift or replatforming) 

Multi Cloud Management 

  • Operation and management of cloud resources 

You can rely on our first-class certified team. 

  • We are independent 
  • We offer Iaas Services: Open Stack, VMware, AWS, Meshcloud 
  • We take care of the PAAS shift. Focus here: Open Source Project Cloud Foundry