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Application onboarding describes the process to make applications “cloud-ready”, to migrate them into the cloud and also to adapt other processes so that the IT can be managed in the light of cloud paradigms. Providing a private cloud is only half the way to „data center cloudification“. Successful onboarding of application owner means a successful cloud platform!

That’s what we take care of:

  • Physical-2-Cloud Migration
  • Virtual-2-Cloud Migration
  • Cloud-2-Cloud Migration
  • Greenfield Deployment

This is how we proceed:


Creating solutions for deployment and operational strategies can be a very demanding but necessary step to run cloud applications. Because cloud concepts such as canary and blue-green deployments are simplified, it is crucial to automate such tasks. A combination of multiple tools can help you significantly reduce deployment time.


The key to successfully deploying and migrating the cloud is knowing the architecture and behaviour of an application. evoila will provide you with applications so that your company
is ready for the cloud and meets the requirements of service catalogues.
Your development team will be trained by evoila in the necessary changes for successful onboarding.


Get comprehensive support for building robust application architectures in the cloud to ensure smooth onboarding of your workloads. Through careful planning and design, you get scalability and availability in your cloud application.


Most applications have not been developed from scratch for use in the cloud. They need to migrate from traditional server virtualisation infrastructure or even physical hardware to automated deployment in the cloud. In this case, you need to change the software itself as well as create new concepts for supporting development and migration.

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