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Our cloud analysis services at a glance

Health Check

Complex systems should be subjected to regular and comprehensive analyses. We believe this should not be done by the architect of the system to prevent the risk of “operational blindness”. This task must be taken over by an independent partner.

Architecture Validation

Based on extensive experience with various cloud platforms and deployment models, we have the expertise to analyse and validate such platforms against best practices and requirements. Our Architecture Report identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your cloud.

Bottleneck Prediction

A cloud only becomes economically profitable when resources are overbooked, but this can lead to performance problems. We examine the key metrics of cloud performance and identify acute and future performance and capacity bottlenecks.

Everything Green?

Your entire environment is checked by us: Our Health Check Report identifies current and predicts future problems with regard to availability and condition and makes recommendations for further action.

Capacity Forecast

Customers and DevOps should never find themselves in a situation where the cloud has no free resources. We can predict how long the capacity will last and give recommendations for scaling by analysing historical measurements.

Root Cause Analysis

Teething troubles, bugs and other problems must not simply be circumvented. Instead, it must be the task to investigate the cause in the form of an in-depth analysis. This can be a very time-consuming matter and requires extensive familiarisation and extensive know-how for the environment and technology.
Use our team to conduct root cause research and troubleshooting – tasks that you would otherwise not be able to map in your daily business. We analyse and find the bug!

How we analyze your environment

  • Documentation & Run Books
  • Customer and staff interviews
  • Application monitoring
  • Time Series Databases
  • Historic monitoring information
  • Databases
  • Point-in-time status snapshots
  • Benchmarking

Analysis tools we use







vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Operations

Self-developed analysis and reporting tools

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Christian Müller

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