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Today, many companies are building their own private cloud, but rarely does the installation offer a standard platform that fits well with the customer and his processes. As a rule, adjustments have to be made or existing functions have to be extended.

Integration of services

IaaS and PaaS services replace or extend traditional deployment processes. Shared services such as software deployment are often difficult to integrate into the cloud. We support our customers in this and facilitate this transition.

Service catalogue implementation

Every cloud should have a well-designed service catalogue. As a rule, the technologies used already implement a large part of the standard specifications, but they do not provide the full spectrum in complex applications. Individual parts of the catalogue must be brought and offered in more complex combinations.

Repetitive tasks

Every IT department aims to automate recurring tasks to a certain extent. The reasons for this range from saving time and process standardisation to reducing the susceptibility to errors. Our experts for automation and orchestration support you in this process.

Integration of business processes

Most cloud platforms are delivered as a self-contained black box, which is usually not well integrated into existing business processes. We take care of these necessary adaptations and extensions.
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Each cloud provider will charge its customers for the use of its resources in a specific form. For this reason, deployment requests often need to be confirmed by approval processes to approve the costs involved. We implement these processes in the form of simple e-mail-based mechanisms through to integration into ERP systems.

„Turn Key“ – infrastructure

Deploying simple components such as virtual machines or network infrastructure via self-service is part of the task. But what about complex configurations that include software as well as infrastructure? Providing the user with this complexity in just a few clicks can generate enormous benefits.

Software deployment

For rolling out and maintaining software, our customers mostly use already established solutions, which are used in combination with physical and virtual infrastructure. The agility and dynamism of a cloud often makes it very difficult to integrate these services because manual interaction is often necessary. We automate these steps to facilitate the handling of this dynamic infrastructure.

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