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In close cooperation with our customers we run a consumer-centric top-down approach to cloud architecture putting application requirements first. We emphasize gathering requirements together with the cloud’s stakeholders, design a service catalog and define SLAs.

Requirements Assessment

We have accompanied many cloud projects over the past years. Most of them struggled in becoming successful private clouds for one simple reason: assessment!

  • Who are the cloud consumers?
  • Which applications do they run?
  • What do these applications need?
  • How do we meet those requirements?

With our consumer-driven approach, we answer these questions carefully by identifying potential consumers as well as running workshops and round-table meetings in order to gather as much information as possible.


Derived from the results of the assessment phase, we design the architecture and make technology choices. As a vendor-independent partner, you can trust us in making the best choice to fit your needs and build a solid solution.

Service Catalog Design

An exact service catalog is one of the key aspects for a successful launch of any cloud platform.

Service Offering
The description of the services and properties of the cloud is a cloud consumers first source of information when making decisions about applications and onboarding.

Consumer Satisfaction
Since the service catalog clearly defines what the consumer can and cannot expect from the platform, it reduces the chance of disappointment and discontent.


To get your cloud on track, our team of experienced engineers implements standardized rollout procedures to deploy your infrastructure and implement the service catalog. Everything we deploy is subject to a heavy burn-in testing and validation to guarantee a functional solution.

Service Level Agreement

The SLA defines the service quality a cloud consumer may expect from the platform and provides additional information to the service catalog. This information is key to consumers who have to decide to run their application on the cloud or fall back to traditional infrastructure.

We assist you in designing SLAs that answer the following key questions:

  • Availability & Reliability?
  • Scalability & Capacity?
  • Performance?
  • Support & Response Times?

Well-defined handoff procedures support a smooth transfer of responsibilities to your operations team. We train your staff on the technology, architecture and implementation.

Cloud Architecture

Individual cloud solutions – your goals are our rule
As an experienced service provider on the market, we know:
the cloud solution offerings available for you are just as individual and unique as any company. Do you need an interactive “Cloud Navigator” at your side to develop exactly the right cloud architecture for you in a strategic and solution-oriented manner?
It doesn’t matter whether you’re building up a cloud or upgrading an existing cloud architecture:
Our IT experts will be happy to work with you to develop the right strategy and implement it in a targeted manner. What exactly is the desired cloud solution supposed to do? Which data should be stored there and which specifications already exist that should be observed? Our goal is to provide you with an individual, flexibly deployable cloud solution without neglecting important, industry-standard problems and issues.
We always have the latest technologies available for you on the market for planning, construction, implementation and finally for the “Go Live” of your cloud – our integrated cloud solution service for your individual requirements.

Cloud user as driver

It’s always the users of the cloud who decide on the success or failure of a cloud – that’s why our approach to cloud planning and architecture is based on an extensive analysis of customer requirements. This is the only way to create a cloud that meets the most diverse requirements in the best possible way.

Manufacturer-independent consulting and development

Our broad experience with cloud technologies opens up new opportunities for you:
That’s why we always decide individually which system fits your needs. One thing is particularly important to us – manufacturer-independent work. This applies both to the area of virtualisation, the use of containers and orchestration. Our goal is also to provide you with comprehensive, competent and targeted advice on servers, networks and storage, in order to select the most suitable components for your company in terms of security aspects and compliance.

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