Data Services

The backbone of our service brokers are our data services. The Data Services are a highly standardized and automated deployment framework for SQL and NoSQL databases, key value stores and messaging technologies and can be operated independently from the Service Broker. Trust evoila Data Services – we deliver quality and the latest technology. 

Our plus is uniform standards: 
  • configurability 
  • scalability 
  • Backup mechanisms 
  • Multicloud capability 

„evoila Data Service help you to run your application backends across any cloud – private, public or multi“

Database Services

Different applications require different data services. Therefore we offer you a number of relational databases: 

And NoSQL Databases:

Key-Value Databases:


Modern micro service architecture places high demands on communication. Our messaging services are armed: 


Feature Set of our Data Services

Multi Cloud Ready

All deployments are completely multi cloud ready and can be used on vSphere, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud as well as Alibaba Cloud. 

Automated Upgrade Procedures

With every new release of our Data Services we prepare an automatic upgrade path. 

Self Service Backup Mechanism

For the database services, we have an optional backup module that allows developers to configure their own backup schedules and copy your backups to Swift or S3. 

Maximum Security Compliance 

All service credentials and certificates are stored in a central secret store. This is configurable during installation. 

Central Metric Monitoring

All deployten services register fully automatically in a Metric Monitoring infrastructure based on Prometheus and Grafana. 

Central Log Monitoring

When you deploy your services, VM logs are automatically sent to a central service endpoint based on Elasticsearch. 

Reduced cost and time

Compared to Database Services, evoila Data Services are cheaper and freer in scaling. 


All our data services are based on uniform standards. With our generic approach, both developers and administrators can deploy Data Services fully automatically and make any settings via the configuration options.