Key Value Store Data Service

The most important question about Key Value Store Data Service is: When should I use it? The simpler the data model, the easier the scalability of these systems. evoila supports you in the fast processing of simply structured data by Redis – the de facto standard for the fast and distributed intermediate storage of unstructured data. 

 Our holistic Redis offer: 
  • automatic setup and maintenance of your database  
  • provision by pushing of a button 
  • transparent costs 
  • more data processing – less effort 
  • own Publish/Subscribe API 
  • use as Cache and Message Broker 

„When accurate data matters“


Today, Redis represents one of the de facto standards for fast and distributed caching of unstructured data. With this data, data can be temporarily stored and reused using various management mechanisms. Redis deployment scenarios are diverse, ranging from accelerating the access times of data stored elsewhere to managing high write and read access times and rates to achieve application scalability. 


All deployments are freely scalable upwards and downwards. 

Backup Integration

We offer an automatic agent-based backup configuration via a dashboard. 

Default Security

All Redis deployments are rolled out fully automatically with the active security configuration. 


All our Data Services are based on the same standards. With our generic approach, both developers and administrators can deploy Data Services fully automatically and make any settings via the configuration options.