DevOps is not only a buzzword for us, but a lived philosophy. The close interaction between development and operation shortens release cycles and optimizes operational aspects. This is how we design optimum quality at high speed. Our consultants work with exactly this requirement in every project and offer our customers the advantages of our credo.  

„Development and operations transform to DevOps


Continuous integration and continuous delivery are central elements of the DevOps culture. The development of the necessary pipelines for this purpose, for example B. with concourse CI, is one of the most important tasks to reach the goal. We will be happy to show you your options, develop a joint version and implement it in a targeted manner.   


BOSH combines release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of cloud software. Without downtime it masters the different disciplines. As a core component of cloud foundry, but also as a solution to version, package and deploy software easily and reproducibly – that’s BOSH. We apply this technology to you and thus optimize the use of your platform. We would be happy to discuss the potential with you.