Infrastructure as Code 

IaC transforms the management of the infrastructure into a part of the code. From infrastructure to application, every necessary configuration is mapped in code. This makes it versionable, scalable and automatable. What this means in daily operation we would like to introduce to you and work out a joint solution.  

“Build, Run, Manage your Infrastructure – as Code


BOSH combines Release Engineering, Deployment and LifeCycle Management of Cloud Software. Without downtime it masters the different disciplines. As a core component of Cloud Foundry, but also as a solution to version, package and deploy software easily and reproduciblythat’s BOSH. We apply this technology to you and thus optimize the use of your platform. We would be happy to discuss the potential with you.


Manage your infrastructure directly from the console 

Open Source 

BOSH was developed for cloud foundry and is also available as an open source solution 

Platform independent 

Deploy your infrastructure on multiple platforms from Azure to vSphere. 


Continuous further development.


With Ansible, the focus is on the configuration and management of machines and applications. Keep the status of your applications synchronized across your entire infrastructure and automate future deployments.


With Tower, you have a central UI to manage your infrastructure with Ansible.


Describe your infrastructure with the appropriate playbook, prefabricated or individually created.


Integrate Ansible into your existing automation and thus extend its functional scope.


Work on a workflow in order to improve collaboration 

Expect from us


We would be pleased to advise you on the subject of IaC. 

Managed Service

IaC forms the basis of our managed service and strengthens our knowledge in daily operations 



Our experienced engineers are happy to share their knowledge with you