Concourse Automation 

We provide the mindset for a modern DevOps setup. The use of pipelines in combination with other automation mechanisms enables an automated and robust environment with standardized deployment of your applications from test to production. 

Automation to the core – continuous integration

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evoila’s principle of continuous delivery is simple: changes to the source code are provided immediately and automatically through a concourse pipeline in a test or production environment in order to detect and correct any errors as quickly as possible. 

This makes every code change releasable and ready at the push of a button. 



Flexible service and support


Deployment scenarios 

  • OpenSource: As a free open source solution, Concourse fits perfectly into many open source components of cloud native applications. It pursues a clear goal and implements it simply and consistently. 

  • Variability: By using a strong abstraction layer for the called elements instead of a complex plugin system, Concourse is extremely flexible in its use. Own resources can easily be added and thus remove all boundaries. 

  • IaC: Using configuration files instead of a proprietary configuration via a visual interface allows good versioning and reusability of your own pipelines. The IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach pursued here corresponds to the modern philosophy of software development.