AWS Outpost

AWS Outpost brings native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to virtually any data center, co-location area, or local facility. 

AWS outposts are available in two variants: 
  • VMware Cloud on AWS Outpost allows you to use the same VMware software stack and APIs that you already use today to run your On Premise infrastructure.
  • Alternatively, the native AWS outpost variant of AWS provides a new form factor for running a subset of AWS services in your data center. 

evoila is one of the first partners in Europe to be certified for VMware on AWS. Combined with our expert knowledge in the field of Public Cloud, our engineers are the perfect contact for your questions about VMware on AWS. 

    „AWS Outpost – and the cloud is really hybrid!“

    AWS Outpost mit VMware on AWS

    Use the uniform and pre-assembled hardware from Amazon. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts gives you the ability to run your VMware stack on AWS Outposts. 

    Would you like to set up or expand your infrastructure initially? Then you can order your AWS Outpost Stack with our help via VMware. Once the rack arrives at your site and is installed, we help you roll it out and integrate it into the VMware Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). 

    AWS Outpost mit AWS native Services

    AWS does not offer all services known from the public cloud on AWS Outpost. If you want to use Outpost with AWS native service in your data center, you can currently use the following services. 


    Local Networking

    The link between your local network resources and an Amazon VPC. 

    Amazon VPC

    VPCs in Outpost are additional extensions with Availability Zones to the classic VPCs from their AWS Public Cloud infrastructure. 

    Amazon Load Balancing

    The Load Balacing component, which is also known from the Public Cloud. 

    Amazon ECS

    With ECS, the well-known IaaS VMs from the public cloud are also available to you in your data center or edge location. 

    Amazon EKS

    The EKS Service for Outpost is available to enable you to use Cubernet via AWS Outpost with native AWS services, too. 

    Amazon EMR & Amazon RDS

    Amazon EMR and RDS are available for Big Data and databases. 

    Use cases

    • Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

    • Run AWS native application in your own data center 

    • Use VMware on AWS on standard hardware