With VMware as the absolute leader in the private cloud, various solutions exist for leveraging an internal cloud infrastructure. In combination with the leading network virtualization technologies, monitoring solutions and container technologies, the VMware portfolio offers a comprehensive solution approach that is not comparable on the market. 

In recent years we have supported evoila in more than 300 virtualization and automation projects in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. Our holistic approach – design, build, operate – offers a solid overall concept from a single source. From a simple vSphere stack to a DevOps Ready – our evoila engineers have the necessary experience to drive this development forward for you.

    „Run your on premise infrastructure on a reliable basis“

    License optimisation


    Are you looking for a way to optimize your VMware licenses? Then we have the perfect tool for you with the VMware Licensing Optimization Model from evoila. Would you like to find out more? Contact us today and let us inform you.


    The procedure and the analysis are child’s play. First make an appointment with our VMware License Engineers.

    After installing our VMware License Optimization Appliance, we observe the fluctuation in your infrastructure spread over a week. You will then receive optimization options and a concrete implementation plan from us.


    runtime safety and reliability 

    Use the best hypervisor in combination with a comfortable management interface to operate your workload long-term, reliable and secure. 

    state of the art – network virtualization 

    With VMware NSX, VMware provides the perfect foundation for a cloud-independent and modern network virtualization solution. 

    Container Technologies 


    You want to integrate a container solution into your infrastructure? Then VMware offers with PKS and Project Tanzu a solution for an on-premise infrastructure and the multicloud approach that is not yet available on the market. 

    Platform approach 

    Are you looking for a standardized solution to containerize and deploy your software? With PCF based on VMware PKS you have a standardized framework for container deployments. 

    Self Service Portals

    vCloud Director

    Do you need a private cloud solution for your organization with high flexibility, seamless integration of S3 compatible storage and Cubernet? VMware offers the vCloud Director, a solution for private, hybrid and public clouds. 

    vRealize Automation

    Are you looking for efficient multi cloud management and a flexible service portal? Then vRealize Automation is the perfect solution for your requirements. 


    vRealize Orchestrator

    Flexible integration of APIs and other interfaces in the deployment process of your VMs, or at Day-2 level? VMware vRealize Orchestrator offers this with a large number of plug-ins and platform design options. 


    vRealize Operations

    Your infrastructure is constantly growing and you need a central overview of utilization, availability and scalability? VMware vROps gives you the perfect overview of the current status of your infrastructure.

    vRealize LogInsight

    As infrastructure grows in size, so does the need for a centralized solution for aggregating logging information. With the seamless integration of VMware vRealize LogInsight, you can achieve this integration in the shortest possible time and keep track of all changes in your infrastructure.