VMware on AWS

With VMware on AWS, VMware and AWS offer a joint product. It is completely purchased for the customer via VMware and hosted in the background by AWS. For this purpose, exclusive hosts from AWS are made available to the customer. There is no shared use of resources on these hosts. 

The offer thus provides a highly standardized hybrid solution for the customer, which can be integrated with little effort and provides a familiar user interface. 

  • Easy Integration: VMware developed this offering in partnership with AWS. Integration into a private VMware installation is therefore very simple. This also affects the stability of the system. 
  • Uniform user interface: The infrastructure provided by VMware on AWS is simply added as an additional data center to the existing local vSphere installation. Thus, the new infrastructure integrates perfectly into the existing installation and can be operated without any additional know-how. 
  • Flexibility: VMware on AWS can be ordered host-wise and is billed on an hourly basis. This flexibility is enormous, especially since exclusive hardware and no virtual capacity is provided. 

As a long-standing partner of VMware and through our expertise as a Cloud Native Company with the Hyperscaler AWS, our core competencies unite in this area. We will be happy to convince you of this in the various disciplines.

„One Platform – flexible and integrated“

We offer to our customers: 

consulting and analysis

cost management

process improvement


resource optimization

process automation

24/7 Managed Service

Our Solutions


VMware is the base of many virtual infrastructures. With VMware on AWS, you can easily scale it up without changing your processes and without new employee training.  



Use automation for load distribution, analysis. Processes are executed reliably and constantly without your intervention. With our experts in the field of automation we are happy to support you.

operation and optimization

If you already have a VMware environment in place today, extending into the AWS cloud doesn’t present any new challenges. It integrates seamlessly into your environment.

You don’t want to take over the business yourself, but rather dedicate time and effort to your business? We are happy to take over. Talk to us.


With VMware on AWS, you can count on two strong partners. AWS as Cloud Expert and VMware as virtualization expert. Both proven experts in the security field. So your workloads are safe!