Managed Data Services

evoila managed data services the on-premise and multicloud capable solution. We match your requirements and company goals to the best database solution. Security and quality are at the forefront of our IT outsourcing services. 

 Our goal for you: Maintain operations across business endpoints, services and applications. Our managed IT services enable organizations to do more by aligning technology, resources and goalsOur framework provides an industry-oriented, comprehensive approach to reducing administrative overhead and increasing technology reliability. 

„Gain maximum developer productivity with scaleable Data Services“


All sata services can be rolled out and operated on classic VMware infrastructures without further adaptation. 


No more on-premise infrastructure? No problem. Our deployments are fully multicloud ready and can be rolled out to all major hyperscalers at any time. 


For each service that maintains data, we have a backup mechanism – fully integrated and configurable. 


Each data service can be freely scaled both vertically and horizontally. 


For optimal monitoring we provide a complete monitoring and logging integration. 


Our Managed Data Services can be obtained via pay-per-use, or over 1 and 3 year modelsdepending on your requirements. 

Public Cloud Support

Our absolute support” stands for outstanding customer orientation with certified engineers who are available 24/7 for you and your concernsno matter which cloud and which technology stack. 


The market leader in the public cloud sector with numerous large and successful reference customers. 

The alternative to AWS and the best possible alternative for Microsoft-affine customers. 

The public cloud alternative from China for use in the Middle Kingdom. 

The alternative offer for topics like machine learning. 

Expect from us:

As experts for manufacturer-independent multi-cloud solutions, we offer the best possible combination of clouds and cloud technologies. Together we will present the right package for yourapplication. Our customers benefit directly from our certified evoila Multi Cloud Team. 


Customized service levels

Choose the right service level for your business for your managed cloud security service. Up to 24/7 support guaranteed from Germany. 

Onboarding support

If you want to migrate your database into the cloud, we support you from the initial analysis to the final implementation. 


open interfaces

Our services offer the possibility to be integrated with the customer’s external system at any time – for automation and logging/monitoring.