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Your cloud – our experience:

Multi cloud environments are becoming increasingly complex and cost-intensive.
This is exactly the point where we come in and support you with our expert team.

Multi Cloud – incredibly flexible!

As an independent provider, evoila managed services offers a wide variety of infrastructures. IaaS services from OpenStack, VMware, AWS or Meshcloud are possible here. We also take care of the PaaS layer with a focus on the open source project Cloud Foundry.
You get an incredibly flexible complete solution with professional hosting!

evoila Multi Cloud enables you:

  • the individual and flexible choice of the most suitable cloud provider and cloud service for each application or service
  • Independence from individual cloud providers
  • With the evoila Multi Cloud, you can react immediately to changes in the cost structures and the performance of the providers.
  • Less risk regarding reliability and availability
  • Reduction of IT costs by a strategically oriented service mix of different providers

Step by step into the multi cloud

evoila Multi Cloud Strategy

We find out which hosting environment works best for each single company and its requirements. The following criteria are relevant:

  • which hosting environment provides the best performance for each purpose
  • which kind of contract does arise the lowest costs
  • which offers can be integrated into the existing infrastructure

evoila Multi Cloud Service

We develop the customized cloud according to the requirements of each individual company. Here we differentiate between critical and uncritical services in order to create an optimal cost structure.

  • onboarding: We make your application fit for the cloud and help you put it online – easy, fast, flexible

evoila Managed Multi Cloud

We are the one and only partner for the customer who cares about the cloud.

  • we keep you up to date with the latest developments
  • we keep your businesses under control around the clock and assist you with technical issues 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • we’ll point you to challenges at an early stage and keep you up to date

Together we prepare a smoothly cloud experience for the customer. As an independent provider, we at evoila can offer managed services for a wide variety of infrastructures. Here IaaS services from OpenStack, VMware, AWS or Meshcloud are possible. In addition, we also take care of the PaaS layer. Here, we focus on the open source project Cloud Foundry.

Supported cloud platforms




Cloud Foundry


Christian Müller

Christian Müller

Multi Cloud Manager


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