Managed Security

evoila does not reactwe protect! 

evoila Security supports you from reactive static security to adaptive and intelligent security architectures. 

We offer end-to-end solutions that protect enterprise data across all areas. evoila Security minimizes the risk of financial loss, liquidity and production bottlenecks, or reputation loss. Our team of highly qualified security specialists is ready to act as partners for you and your employees. 

“evoila Security isn’t just about IT –we look at the big picture!”

evoila Threat Detection

We offer comprehensive protection against current and future threats. Our standardized and highly automated evoila Security Toolbox detects complex attacks on infrastructures and applications in cloud environments. 

evoila Managed Container Security Service

We offer proactive transparency for the DevOps team through the Shift Left approach throughout the entire development process. Security from the first line of code to the productive deployment of the application in platforms such as Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes.


Our offer covers exactly those areas where the fastest searchability and analysis of huge amounts of data is required.

Aqua Security

With our partner Aqua Security we offer you a comprehensive solution to secure your container based workloads.

Network Operations

Our Network Operation subsidiary HOB GmbH operates all relevant network services for you from our Network Operations Center. The optimal partner to support your network. 

Expect from us



Choose the right service level for your business for your Managed Cloud Security Service. Up to 24/7 support guaranteed from Germany. 


No daring prognoses, but concrete instructions in the Incident case. Rely on our Managed Security Service Analysts. 


Our Managed Security Service is not only Cloud Ready, but consistently designed for use in the Cloud, no matter what hypervisor sie.