Container Security

Extension of the Threat Detection”; module with security for your containerized deployments. 

You receive: 

a comprehensive security picture of your container landscapes from the first line of code, through testing to the productive environment. We track the deployment of your applications and alert you in the event of a problem. The flexibility of this service can be extended in many ways, but can also be used independently of our threat detection module. 

evoila security that is: 

  • containerization 
  • DevOps 
  • managed services 

Here we have established our evoila Managed Service for Container Security. This service seamlessly connects to and extends our Managed Cloud Service. 

„Shift Left Security – secure software development and deployment made easy“

Aqua Security

With our partner Aqua Security we offer you a comprehensive solution to secure your container based workloads.

Expect from us:

Our holistic security approach for your cloud 

As experts in vendor-independent cloud security solutions, we can help you achieve the best possible security visibility. Together, we will put together the right package for your cloud environment, based on our established monitoring standards. 



From Dev to Prod:. Security for Your Cloud and Container Workload.

Next-Step Security

Detect vulnerabilities during code development and center them. 

Multi Plattform

Support for all major public cloud providers, container platforms, CI/CD tools and registries.

Seamless Security Integration

With a perfectly coordinated Security Toolbox, our Managed Service Container Security offers the optimal security basis for container-based workloads. We provide you with clear dashboards and regular reports in order to gain direct significance for management. Direct connection to CI/CD and their development pipeline is also possible without any problems.