We always regard security as part of our overall consulting competence, not as an add-on. Our focus here is on cloud security, the protection of the services we provide today for our customers in all areas of the cloud. 

  • Where are the weak points of my cloud environment? 
  • Is my cloud infrastructure vulnerable? 
  • Are there vulnerabilities in my software deployment process? 

We provide you with answers to your questions. We create an overall awareness of shared responsibility. 
For us, there are no unique solutions for your business security challenges. Our work is based on a continuous process of updating and administration as well as regular checkups. We support you in ensuring the security of your company yourself. 

“Security Consulting – it’s a people business”

Network Security Consulting

The classic security perimeter is dead. Today’s corporate structures are characterised by a "mobile workforce“;. But the death of the security perimeter does not mean the end of a security architecture. This only has to be thought differently today. The evoila consulting team advises, plans and implements the appropriate network security with a focus on modern Cloud First strategies. 

Cloud Security Consulting

Public cloud providers work according to the model of shared responsibility. The provider assumes responsibility for the security of the infrastructure. But where does your responsibility as a customer begin with the use of public clouds? In a detailed security analysis of your environment, our consultants show you where there is room for improvement in the use of your providers and optimize the security settings for which you are responsible. 

SIEM Consulting

Log information does not only occur in classic IT environments. Even in modern cloud environments, regardless of the level of the cloud service layer, this information represents added value for your information security.

Container Security

The advantages of container virtualization solve many problems in today’s software development. The corresponding runtime is started in seconds, the application can scale arbitrarily and runs in any operating system environment. But what about container security?

Expect from us

Cloud Afine

The Cloud is no longer new territory for us. Expect no less than the most experienced cloud security consultants. 

Full Integration

We think cloud security as a whole, not as an isolated solution. 

Trusted Advisor

Our consultants give you decisive impulses for important decisions.