Container Security

  • Do you exactly know the content of the images you provide, what they do exactly and who created them?
  • Is the image still the same when it arrives in the production environment?
  • Which user is allowed to start and manage containers?  

Our consultants support you in securing your cloud native applications and workloads. Here we make use of our experiences with the most different cloud platforms and CI/CD solutions and prapare the launch of container security solutions for your environment. We also take over onboarding in our managed container security service for you. 

„Securing your Cloud Native Apps and Workloads“

Aqua Security

With our partner Aqua Security we offer a comprehensive solution to secure your container based workloads.


Seamless Security Integration

We integrate into your environment, just like PKS, PCF, AWS or Azure. 

Secure Applications

Prevent delivery of vulnerable, untrusted code to drastically reduce the attack surface. 

3rd Party Support

With a variety of other integrations, such as SIEM systems, that extend security visibility. 

Use casesfor which situations is this concrete solution suitable? 

  • Automate DevSecOps
  • Moderninze Security
  • Compliance & Auditing
  • Serverless Container & Functions
  • Hybrid-Cloud & Multi-Cloud