Network Security

Network security services are of great relevance as cyber attacks have become increasingly complex and evolving, and static technologies can no longer keep up. The evoila consulting team advises, plans and implements the appropriate network security for your private and hybrid cloud environment. We attach particular importance to this: 

  • segmentation 
  • firewalling & zone concepts 
  • traffic control 
  • security monitoring 

Our experts work independently in the field of technology and across industries. Based on the qualifications of our leadership team and partners, we are able to address virtually any security concerns and/or threats to your team, property, business continuity, proprietary information, intellectual property and customer data. 

„Next Step – Secure Software Defined Networks “


evoila plans and develops together with you the perfect network architecture for your environment. 


evoila cloud engineers work with you to design the migration to your software defined network. With a view to safe implementation. 


We simplify everyday life and support operations with a wide range of automation options. We show you the fields of application of automation. 


After successful migration, we support you in mastering the operation or we take it over completely with our Managed Service. 

VMware NSX

VMware and evoila have been partners since our founding and we offer support across a wide range within the VMware ecosystem. This is also true for Software Defined Networks with NSX.

Expect from us:



Our engineers cast the most complex designs into functioning, secure networks for you. 


We are very familiar with the possibilities of micro-segmentation. 

Security Monitoring

We connect your software defined network directly to your monitoring (e. g. SIEM). 

Use Cases

  • Transformation of your old network landscape into a Software Defined Network
  • Protection through micro-segmentation
  • Connection of Next-Generation Firewalls like Foritnet in VMware NSX 
  • Transformation ihrer alten Netzwerklandschaft in ein Software Defined Network
  • Absicherung durch Micro-Segmentation
  • Ankopplung von Next-Generation Firewalls wie Foritnet in VMware NSX