SIEM Consulting

Log information does not only occur in classical IT environments. Even in modern cloud environments, regardless of the level of the cloud service layer, this information represents added value for your information security. 

In addition to log management, our consulting team also supports you in connecting your cloud log and event sources and implements the security use cases that are really relevant for your business and your security operations team. Thus we also extend your existing SIEM as a central instance for attack detection. 

„Security Information and Event Management for modern Cloud Infrastructures.“

Security Visibility

Our consultants connect the essential infrastructure components so that you really know what is happening in your network. 

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk of information security incidents through customized security monitoring. 


We translate your compliance requirements into effective use cases. The next audit is not a hurdle. 

Use cases

  • data exfiltration 
  • command & control communication

  • recognition of privilege escalation 

  • recognition of compromised user credentials 

  • latreal movement detection