Security Solutions and Platforms 

Our cloud first approach also applies to the selection of our security portfolios. Innovative, scalable solutions and at the same time mature and compatible solutions determine our security solution platform. But selling is not enough for us, therefore you will find trained and certified consultants at evoila for all solutions from our portfolio. 

Security solutions made for Cloud Native approaches

Container Security 

No matter if Kubernetes, Docker, serverless, PKS or PCF. Cloud native applications today require new security approaches. The Container Security division takes care of exactly these specific issues. Credential leaks in GitHub, problems using open-source in source code or misconfigurations are a thing of the past with correctly applied container security. 

Cloud Networking 

Our deep understanding of cloud networking enables us to build the foundation for secure cloud infrastructures. Count on our know-how in the area of VMware NSX, Fortinet and Cisco. 


The security center where everything comes together: threat detection, log management, forensics, content enrichment. Anyone who does without a SIEM today will not only have problems in the area of external security requirements. Gain the visibility you need to know what’s really happening in your cloud and proactively identify security-critical incidents. 

Aqua Security 

By partnering with Aqua Security, we enable companies to secure their container-based and cloud native applications from development to production, accelerating container deployment and closing the gap between DevOps and IT security. 

VMware NSX 

Our subsidiary HOB Networking rounds off our firewall expertise with Fortinet in the segmentation and threat detection area at the security perimeter. 

Without the physical layer, nothing works in the cloud. The evoila subsidiary HOB supplements the area of routing and switching with many years of Cisco know-how. 


At evoila, the Elastic Stack forms the basis for many of our services. For the SIEM sector, we also rely on the speed, scalability and characteristics of distributed use to carry out our security analyses for you as precisely as possible.