Distributed Firewalling 

Current cyber attacks use poorly secured endpoints and thus spread laterally – the existing perimeter firewall is ineffective against this type of cyber attack. The answer is micro segmentation in the data center through distributed firewalling within the VMware hypervisor. In this way, the corresponding security policies can be directly assigned to the higher-level applications. This creates application-oriented security – detached from physical hardware components. 

The VMware NSX virtualization application extends the capabilities of traditional network infrastructure while supporting existing operations faster and more cost-effectively. Our experts will be happy to advise you! 

„VMWare NSX  network virtualization for the software defined data center of the future

Logical Firewall 

A firewall that provides security mechanisms for dynamic, two-component virtual data centers to cover different use cases. A distributed firewall, on the other hand, focuses on east-west access control, while an edge firewall focuses on north-south traffic monitoring at the client or data center perimeter. Together, these components cover the end-to-end firewall requirements of virtual data centers. 


VMware NSX Guest Introspection passes the processing of anti-virus and anti-malware agents to a dedicated, secure virtual appliance deployed by VMware partners. Because the secure virtual appliance (unlike a guest virtual machine) does not go offline, it can continuously update antivirus signatures to protect the virtual machines on the host without interruption. In addition, new virtual machines (or existing virtual machines that went offline) are immediately protected with the latest antivirus signatures when they go online.


You already use an existing firewalling solution and have your own team of highly qualified engineers – VMware NSX integrates e. g. next generation firewalls by Fortinet? This also applies to anti-virus solutions, e. g. by ESET or Kaspersky, and thus forms the basis for transforming your data center into a state-of-the-art operation of your infrastructure.