Based on the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) the Elastic SIEM works to protect your organization. Elastic SIEM provides integrations for network and host data, analytics features. The SIEM App supports our Managed Service Analysts in their daily work as well as you in finding anomalies in your network, forensics and mitigation of security incidents.   

Modern, fast and scalable threat detection 

Fastest Search 

ElasticSearch and Kibana have become indispensable tools for full text search and analysis. ElasticSearch goes beyond the role of a database because it is a full-text search solution with analytics support. Regardless of the data type, different types of searches can be performed and combined. This includes structured, unstructured, geographical and metric data types. 

Machine Learning 

Today it is no longer sufficient to operate a rigid, rule-based SIEM system to effectively counter cybercrime attacks. In the security context, machine learning ensures that even anomalies that a purely rule-based approach would never detect are detected. We help companies use AI capabilities to improve human intelligence and provide you with the tools to make more informed and intelligent decisions. 


The combination of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, the ELK stack, offers an unbeatable trio of speed, flexible scalability and easy expandability even with increasing log volumes from a wide variety of audit and event log sources. There is hardly a more future-proof way to invest in a log management solution.