evoila Open Service Broker 

Service broker according to the Open Service Broker Standard 

What are service brokers? 

Service Brokers extend your cloud platform with a self-service interface for internal and external services. Service Broker’s goal is to increase developer productivity by reducing waiting times and manual actions to almost zero through automated service delivery. 


At evoila, we have created a Service Catalog based on the Open Service Broker standard, which provides a uniform basis in the areas of databases, messaging and application handling.
In focus: the requirements of developer, operation and cloud-readiness. 

evoila Open Service Broker Framework – we are market leaders, we are experts!

Database Services 

Different applications require different data services. Therefore we offer a number of relational databases: 

NoSQL databases: 

and Key-Value databases: 


Modern micro service architecture places high demands on communication. Our messaging services are armed: 



For more productivity when working with Cloud Foundry Application Runtime or VMware Tanzu Application Services: 



Do you have a service that you would like to provide on your platform? 

We are happy to support you in the development of your own service brokers. 

Feature Set of our Service Broker

Multi Cloud Ready 

All our services are fully multi cloud ready and can be used on vSphere, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud as well as Alibaba Cloud. 

Automated Upgrade Procedures 

With every new release of our service brokers we prepare an automatic upgrade path. 

Self Service Backup Mechanism 

For the database services we have an optional backup module that allows developers to configure their own backup schedules and copy their backups to Swift or S3. 

Variable Deployment Options 

In order to optimally map both development and production workloads with Service Brokers, we offer various, variably configurable Service Plans. From shared clusters to dedicated single nodes to complete cluster deployments. 

Maximum Security Compliance 

All service credentials and certificates are stored in a central secret store. This is configurable during installation. 

Central Metric Monitoring 

All deployed services register fully automatically in a Metric Monitoring infrastructure based on Prometheus and Grafana. 

Central Log Monitoring 

When you deploy your services, VM logs are automatically sent to a central service endpoint based on Elasticsearch. 

Multi Cloud

All our service brokers meet the official Open Service Broker API definition. With our interface, developers can order databases in self-service and to a large extent also configure and manage them in self-service (e. g. backup management, specific configuration options for timeouts, users and much more).