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Cash Desk Features

Do you need a flexible, integrated and unified billing engine that takes care of billing and billing your cloud usage costs? An engine that closes this gap of Cloud stacks effective? The evoila Cash Desk provides a single point of contact for cloud providers and their customers.


Cash Desk works on an abstract level, which allows the integration of any available cloud solutions by simply adding a plugin. The all-in-one solution for your cloud stack.

Billing models

evoila Cash Desk implements a variety of billing models from flat-rate to usage-based or a combination of both. We do not impose any restrictions on your cloud.

Integrated accounting

Cash Desk handles the automatic collection of the invoice amount from various accounting services. Our extensible architecture allows you to integrate your budget planning tool.

Tenant model

Multiple cloud platforms offer different approaches to multi-tenancy. Cash Desk supports them all by defining an abstract tenant that spans all platforms.


To promote your cloud, discounts can be an important tool. They need support for user-related discounts, the type of resource, resource usage and time, and as a result receive the greatest possible flexibility.

Showback & Alerting

Usage-based billing models pose various challenges such as transparency and cost limitation. With our user interface and API, users can view their current invoice amount at any time and define alerts if the budget is exceeded.

Uniform accounting

evoila Cash Desk supports multiple different or similar cloud platforms simultaneously. However, as your customers receive only one single invoice, your Cloud Stack is a homogeneous solution.

Admin API & UI

Our administration interface enables convenient configuration and management of all billing parameters. For optimal automation and orchestration, Cash Desk also offers an API.

iCash Desk Generator

At the end of each defined billing period, iCash Desk PDFs are generated and optionally sent automatically to your respective customers. For billing without action.

Multi-Site Support

Running multiple sites as a shared nothing solution is a widespread approach. We support this approach by collecting data from multiple sources and not limiting the scalability of your cloud.

Distributed Billing

Geographically separate billing or even separate clouds require the distribution of our solution across your entire sites.

Supported cloud platforms


CLoud Foundry

Amazon Web Services

Christian Müller

Christian Müller

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