Cloud Foundry Management Console

Features overview

Organisations & Spaces

Organisations and their spaces form the foundation of a cloud foundry infrastructure. All services and applications are tied to one space. CFMC therefore provides a user-friendly overview of these components, which also provides information that can otherwise only be obtained from multiple queries in the console, such as the current status of all applications. It is also possible to create new service substances directly from the context menu of a space.
Registration is done by specifying an organization and a user, who is automatically assigned the role “Org Manager” . You can then use the user interface to create and delete spaces.


In addition to adding/removing users, their permissions can also be easily managed. In a practical overview it is possible to activate/deactivate the roles of the organisation as well as all available spaces by using sliders.


On the one hand, applications are displayed in a list view. In addition to a list of the most important information, applications or their service bindings can be deleted here. On the other hand, each application offers a detailed view. All available substances with useful additional information, such as their CPU load, are displayed here. Furthermore, the application can be started/stopped from here and the number of its instances can be changed.

Marketplace & Services

The Marketplace provides an overview of all available services, their plans and instances. New service substances can also be created here.
A list view is provided for the Service Instances in which the individual Instances or their service bindings can be deleted. Similar to the applications, the most important information is also displayed.

Cloud Foundry Management Console (CFMC) simplifies the handling of your Cloud Foundry – Installation. CFMC offers a visual user interface and a simpler overview. To monitor your applications and services no know-how of commands in the command line is required. All important information is only a click away.

Administrative tasks, such as scaling of applications, ordering Services or connecting routes to applications are easily performed in the browser with CFMC. The complete user management – from creation, through granting and removal of authorisations – all that can now be done without much effort. To install and use Cloud Foundry Management Console no installation or extensive configuration is required.

  • Autonomy
    No intervention at the Cloud Foundry installation necessary
  • Integrated
    Runs even within your cloud foundry environment
  • User-friendly
    No configuration except host specification
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