Selection of our references

Application Onboarding

After introducing a cloud based on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Volkswagen is challenged with migrating existing and new applications to the cloud.
We support this process and assist in making applications cloud-ready, optimizing deployment and rollout and adjust operation processes to the new cloud paradigms.

Metering Concept

With introducing the private cloud based on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry the wish came up to get to know more about the inner workings of the cloud as well as to collect the environments usage and utilization data also with respect to pending billing. As independent provider we support Volkswagen in working out a comprehensive concept for metering in the cloud.
As result the required metrics for operating, capacity management, autoscaling and other ascpects could be identified for optimizing the monitoring.

Application Onboarding

After acquisiting by this application should be migrated in the OpenStack based cloud. Evoila was commissioned to execute the onboarding in accordance with todays cloud paradigms.
This includes among others the automated provisioning of cloud resources as well as migrating the previous configuration managements and establishing “cloud awareness” through the application itself.