We offer:
  • Enterprise data services, reliability and service quality from a single source
  • Central support, direct contact persons
  • Certified engineers at the highest level
  • evoila as a long-term, strategic partner of Vmware/; Pivotal
  • Our portfolio includes projects around NSX, PKS, PCF
  • Our team works with developers at eye level in the context of application onboarding
  • VMware Principal Partner for Data Center, Network Automation and Co
  • Direct Cloud Connect to a vCloud with 3 locations in Germany or directly to the Hyperscalers VMware on AWS / VMware on Azure


evoila offer

  • We offer more than the classic license purchase.
  • We turn capex into opex and reduce license costs by up to 50%.
  • We provide you with access to all software products from VMware for the successful design of the digital transformation of your IT (vsphere on Kubernetes, PKS, PCF, PAAS, VSAN, NSX)

    Your advantage:
  • Up and Downscaling possible at any time

  • Migrate to the cloud and back

  • License costs adapt – Flex on demand

  • Cost scalability for optimal economic results

  • Introduce new functionalities without jump fix costs

→ Contact us for a free comparison of VMware purchase licenses and evoila usage based licensing. Your advantage for the future.

From Capex to Opex – CLOUD Ready! 

VMware licensing on a monthly basis – usage based – Up and Downscaling Ready as in the Cloud

Your Cloud Setup On-site, IaaS, CaaS to PaaS and the use of Hybrid Cloud?
What would all this be without a flexible usage-based licensing model? Why buy licenses for everything if you will only use it in 3 years?

Extend the feature set of your infrastructure with the entire VMware stack. You get access to the entire Vmware software stack from Kubernetes, Tanzu, Enterprise PKS, VSANbis NSX.

Talk to us, we can license any VMware infrastructure on a monthly basis based on usage.
  • No high one-time license costs
  • No license administration costs
  • No overbooking of licenses for the future
  • No capital tied up in licenses
The added value – for you:
  • Monthly report of the consumption
  • Consumption-dependent monthly billing
  • Scope of the used license products can be adjusted at any time
  • Uniform license duration (at the beginning ramp-up phase possible for existing licenses)
  • Company-wide usability without special regulations (ELA) with VMware
  • Optimal for all SAP, Oracle infrastructures (large virtual machines)
  • No license problems with company mergers if infrastructures are merged

Free choice, more flexibility, predictability – up to 50% license cost reduction

Are you already using more than vSphere today or will you need it soon? You work with solutions such as VSAN, NSX, PKS, PCF/PAAS, Tanzu, Vsphere with Kubernetes

Your infrastructure consists or will consist of large virtual machines (SAP HANA, database server, Oracle) 

evoila guarantees you : More flexibility, up and downscaling and a cost reduction of up to 50%!

Full cost control over your digital future!

Take advantage of VMware’s complete portfolio today – pay depending on tomorrow’s usage

vSphere on Kubernetes, PKS, PCF/PASS, NSX, VSAN or multi-tenant web portal vCloud Director

evoila usage based licensing 

  • You don’t know when you need which support and which license to what extent?

  • You know you need VSAN, NSX, Kuberenetes technologies or need a multi-tenant portal like VMware vCloud Director for internal / external purposes?

The solution:

With evoila usage based licensing you can add or reduce VMware products at any time as your company needs them.

With evoila you avoid:
    • high one-time payments
    • obligations for years
You gain:
    • update of licenses within hours
    • reduction of fixed costs

Company-wide usage without restrictions!

    VMware ELA Alternative

    You are part of a corporate group and procure licenses centrally? You are planning a corporate merger and want to protect investments in licenses? You have a VMware ELA and for you this exponential and necessary growth is connected with enormous challenges?

    With evoila usage licensing, these aspects belong to the past.
    • Monthly licensing for the individual company and/or for the entire group
    • Demand-oriented use of both up- and downscaling
    • Monthly usage-based billing
    • Provide IT services within your group and stay VMware compliant with our model.

    Goodbye to license management

    Our service:
            • complete license management
            • monitoring of the necessary licenses including change or extension
            • import of the licenses and reporting
    The result: With evoila usage based licensing we take over the management 100%